Enjoying the Dog park. One thing that I love about relating to dogs is helping them become comfortable with who they are so they can bask in the sun and enjoy watching other dogs play.

This is the DOG PARK who would have thought dogs could actually lay and enjoy observing! It is so rewarding to watch them be comfortable in their own skin and know who they are! If your dog is confused about who they are or practicing a position that is not meant to be theirs they become very unsettled. It is like a child who is more sensitive and loves to paint or play the piano and we tell them they need to be a Hockey Goalie. That is very overwhelming for that child, They do it anyway because we told them that is where we think they fit. But in reality they would rather be in a quiet place, letting their mind wander so they can create the perfect masterpiece!

This is what we love to help our clients see and understand about their dogs. Who is your dog? Who does your dog think he is in your relationship? We want to help as many people as we can to understand their dogs. To educate them so they can educate others. Why? So the outcome is this, a happy, content dog who can sit back and relax if they want and be their best selves!

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