These once a week classes create the opportunity to observe our dogs in their natural social setting. Every week we strive to deepen our understanding of our dogs and how they perceive the world around them. Why is my dog attracted to certain dogs and not others? Where does my dog feel most comfortable in their natural pack role? How does my dog view me in the family?


How long are the classes?

• Weekly continuous classes

• No set sessions 

• 1 Hour classes 

 What day of the week is the class?

• Wednesday & Thursday classes.

• 7pm -8pm

 How big is the class?

• Max of 7 dogs per class.

Participation Requirements:

• We Prefer to have clients that have trained with us in the past.

• New clients must have evaluation session.(small fee)

Cost of the class?

• $35 evaluation fee for new clients 

•  $35 per class

•  $150 for Five classes ($25 savings!!!)

Contact us for information about upcoming class schedule.

 Don’t miss out. Spots are limited!

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