Puppy Basics

We feel it is crucial in a puppies social development to have opportunities to play with other puppies and adults. This is where they practice their social skills. Learning how to listen when their friends say ouch, learning what is the right state of mind that will be accepted for play with their friends and learning social etiquette at the playground! It is equally important for the parents to learn the social cues of their puppy when they are comfortable or uncomfortable. This is where the parent gets to practice supporting their puppy while learning their cues. We want to create an atmosphere where puppies can play and learn how to be social along with parents having a place where they can ask questions and work through some puppy challenges they come across while raising their puppy.


Once a week for 4 weeks.

• 1 hour classes.

 What day of the week is the class?

• Sunday classes, but time of class may vary.

 How big is the class?

• Max of 10 puppies per class.

Participation Requirements:

Vaccinated puppies 2 months – 5 months

Cost of the class?

•  $100

Contact us for information about upcoming class schedule.

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