One of the most common things we run into is that most humans struggle to see how their dog feels. For instance a wagging tail does not mean a dog is happy it just means excitement. Now, that can mean dominate excitement, nervous excitement, anxious excitement, etc. It is so important for us to read our dogs body language and energy. Asking ourselves “How does my dog feel?” We can tell this by the tail, ears, mouth and body. This video shows what a dog looks like when they are feeling content and Social. This state of mind and energy is what is most natural for them. This state of mind and energy is what gets them everything (intense pushy, excited bossy, playful affectionate does not get them what they want). This state of mind and energy is when we move forward with training exercises and all other signs of discomfort we wait and are patient for them to feel good about moving forward which is a building block of trust. I hope you find this video helpful and it gives you a better understanding of how to build a relationship of trust and follow.

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